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ATG Conveyor Components Working with Centristic Ltd.
Part 1 of ATG Conveyor Components’ case study on Centristic’s installation at Mountsorrel Quarry in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.
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Part 1 of ATG Conveyor Components’ case study on Centristic’s installation at Mountsorrel Quarry in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.
Tarmac Trading Ltd. are undertaking a major mechanical and electrical infrastructure installation at its Mountsorrel Quarry site near Loughborough. As part of the quarry’s consented extension, a new semi mobile primary crushing station is being installed along with material handling equipment to transfer extracted mineral from the new crushing location over to the secondary processing facility.

Centristic Ltd., a Devon based engineering business specialising in the design, manufacture, and installation of bulk material handling solutions to the quarry and material processing industry, have been commissioned to design, manufacture and install a primary conveying and screening scheme, transferring primary crushed mineral to a new screen house for grading and loading out, and also the onward transfer of material to the existing Secondary Plant. The new conveying system comprises of 4 conveyors, ranging from 1200mm to 1800mm wide belts, with the process running at 2500tph.

ATG Conveyor Components have supplied a variety of products to Centristic for the various conveyor systems. These parts include rollers, return rollers, return roller cradles, and wear blocks.

All the conveyor components supplied by ATG are being shipped direct to Mountsorrel Quarry where the conveyor system is being constructed by the installation team from Centristic.

The return roller cradles are used on the elevated section of the conveyors or hard to get to areas to aid replacement, ensuring compliance with the relevant health and safety rules.

The rollers and return rollers supplied for the Mountsorrel installation feature a host of benefits including a heavy-duty construction, airtight seals, high concentricity and are maintenance free. High grade steels are used in the roller bodies with all bearings and seal housings filled with a high-performance lithium grease.

The steel gantry runs adjacent to the main conveyor allowing routine maintenance to take place on the elevated section of the system.

The scheme is progressing well with the conveyor installation planned for late 2021. Commissioning will take several weeks to complete with handover by Centristic expected to be in early 2022. ATG Conveyor Components are delighted to be part of this exciting project that will see the Mountsorrel Quarry continue to produce high quality stone for many years to come.

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