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Benefits of Working with ATG
There are a host of benefits of working with ATG that will give your business the competitive edge.
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Benefits of Working with ATG
There are a host of benefits of working with ATG that will give your business the competitive edge.
ATG offers a host of benefits to our OEM customers that go way beyond being a simple supplier of parts and components. With many years’ experience of global sourcing our processes and systems have been pressure tested to ensure every link in the supply chain holds fast. This covers everything from the initial placing of an order through to manufacture, qualification and then final delivery of your goods to anywhere in the world.

Being certain that a part has been manufactured to the correct specification is at the core of everything that ATG does. Therefore, our teams of engineers across the world qualify all parts before they are shipped. This process involves performing a variety of inspections using an array of test equipment and techniques to continually check quality. This may involve CMM, ultrasound, manual measurement, chemical analysis, metallurgical testing and any other method designed to confirm adherence to the technical specification. In addition, ATG’s Quality Management system is certified to meet the stringent requirements of BS EN ISO9001:2015.

ATG’s technical team, based in the UK, has been working with our international engineering teams for over 10 years to create working practices and procedures that have been specifically designed to ensure our rigorous quality standards are always met. With in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and quality engineering, and with specific focus on castings, forgings, precision engineered components our global technical team has a wealth of experience.

In addition, our technical support is ongoing throughout an order’s production cycle to guarantee its integrity before it is shipped. It also continues long after you have received your goods as we always work to improve and develop any product if required.

There are many ways in which ATG’s global sourcing expertise can make your procurement strategy more efficient and commercially beneficial. As well as the obvious advantage of having fully qualified parts delivered to the right place at the right time, ATG’s established business model adds real value to any manufacturing schedule. This includes reduced onsite inventory, access to a range of tailor-made finance options to aid cashflow and a steady supply of parts that ensure production lines never have to stop.

ATG manages all logistics on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This includes all manufacturing, global shipping including import and export duties, and then final delivery to anywhere in the world. Our service takes care of every step in the logistical supply chain freeing up time and resources that would otherwise be spent on completing custom declarations and other international trade documents.

ATG offers a variety of financial packages to suit your specific needs. These not only aid cashflow but also help with other areas such as tooling charges and haulage. The finance that we offer is competitive, flexible and has been designed to be of real benefit to you. We also fix currency, labour and material of product rates to mitigate any risk and to protect you against any fluctuations on international markets.

In today’s fast moving world of manufacturing it’s essential that the right part gets to the right place at the right time. This commitment to ensuring all projects reliably meet their delivery dates is a process we have fine-tuned to be a cornerstone of our global sourcing service. This consistent supply of parts and components to feed into busy schedules ensures no production line ever has to stop due to waiting for orders from ATG.

Any supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s why ATG continually reviews the numerous systems that we’ve established to create a seamless sourcing process. This includes investment in the latest technology and software, always adding to our international teams by recruiting the very best people and creating a positive culture in which everyone strives to be the very best they can.

These are just some of the benefits of working with ATG that will not only help to streamline your procurement strategy but will undoubtedly give your business the competitive edge.

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