Written by Matt Cheetham
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Every Chain Link is Checked
Enjoy the benefits of sourcing your components from overseas
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Every Chain Link is Checked
Enjoy the benefits of sourcing components from overseas
Global sourcing sounds like a great way for modern transport infrastructure to enable the links in a supply chain to connect and do business, with industry everywhere enjoying top value because products made remotely are within easy reach.

Steelworks acquire raw materials, convert them to useable form for specialist manufacturers, who turn out finished products for export, and the cost puts their western equivalents in the shade.

But just because ore or other raw material may be mined and supplied local to Indian or Chinese steelworks at competitive rates, there’s no fool-proof route from there to getting the steelworks’ products as finished items, supplied satisfactorily to a western destination without encountering frustrating delays and substantial cost mark-up along the way.

In fact, by the time your order has been studied (local language can be a big stumbling block), and a prototype has been constructed then delivered for your approval, then returned with your inevitable required modifications, (with the factory’s cost-adjustment for changes to specification), you may feel it would have been easier, though more expensive, to have sourced the equipment nearer home.

At ATG, with staff on site in India and the Far East, we’re able to regard these highly economical suppliers as very close to home. Your order, made through ATG, is subject to efficient, well-informed decisions covering global choice of raw materials, best manufacturer for specific items and purposes, flawless management of all issues arising, and final delivery.

The appeal of inexpensive eastern suppliers comes with the necessity to understand and oversee their work and processes. At ATG we have that familiarity, so your order is under continuous, highly competent scrutiny to ensure its manufactured to the right quality and delivered to the right place at the right time.

ATG makes global sourcing simple so that you get the competitive edge!