Written by Matt Cheetham
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How much time do you waste, sourcing machine parts?
Streamline your procurement with ATG
Add up the time you invest, assessing the machine parts your ongoing operations require...

... now, add the time taken to plan and test modifications from standard designs, review results, re-specify and await the next version……and don’t forget unaccountable delays in manufacturing and delivery, technical misunderstandings complicated by language-barriers, plus more delays in letting you know when things fall behind schedule. How long is that? Outsourcing the procurement of components and complete machines, unties your hands by placing the task into skilled, long-practised specialists in the field.

ATG provides a far-flung, dependable supply chain that connects Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with state-of-the-art metal works and machinery manufacturers.

When you order with ATG, our staff don’t simply forward the request to some remote factory. Our close analysis ensures we understand the exact applications involved, and our engineering team is on hand to suggest improvements to the specification which your operations demand.

Once your design is clear, ATG knows immediately which of our partner factories are best able to produce that part. Our clients’ orders are numerous, so our lines of communication with factory management are regular and reliable.

Any technical doubt is addressed by our international engineering teams who oversee production of your components and ascertain on completion that your required standards are met. If there’s any problem, we’re on the spot to correct it immediately.

When construction is complete, ATG cover the complex issues of delivery and export duties. No bureaucratic frustration, no avoidable delays and no doubt.

ATG irons your component-sourcing headaches into a satisfyingly slick, effortless supply-chain. Do you really have time to do all that yourself?